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The Website serves as an electronic market that acts as a gateway for Users (sellers) to promote, showcase, and offer an extensive range of goods to other consumers (buyers/customers). Also, it simplifies the process for sellers to accept deals from buyers and provides an opportunity for customers to pay only for the items they are interested in purchasing. Together with other ancillary and auxiliary services, the website also offers amenities that enable buyer-seller engagement for commercial purposes on the platform. These services are facilitated to users in a wide range of methods, for instance by issuing coupons and vouchers which can be redeemed for purchasing different Goods.


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On the website (www.sarvyog.com), Sarvyog Ayurveda strives to deliver accurate and effective descriptions as much as possible. However, The correctness, fullness, or error-free nature of the product descriptions, images, colours, info, or other content on the Site is not guaranteed by Sarvyog Ayurveda (www.sarvyog.com).


No guarantee is offered by Sarvyog Ayurveda for any harm that clients may experience as a result of using the services on this website. Moreover, Sarvyog makes no promises that the details of the products and amenities can take the place of appropriate counsel.


If you decide to utilize the website, it is your obligation to keep your display name and password confidential. You are also accountable for all other activities that take place under your user accounts. You are aware and consent that Sarvyog Ayurveda may permanently suspend, terminate, or prohibit your membership or access to your profiles on the website if you provide any data that is inaccurate, imprecise, partially or completely untrue, or otherwise not in line with these Terms of Use of Sarvyog Ayurveda (www.sarvyog.com). If the information under your account on the website is used or misused, Sarvyog Ayurveda will not be held accountable or liable for any actions taken as a result.


Sarvyog Ayurveda offers the website, offerings, information, user content, as well as all additional content on an "as is" basis without any express, implied, statutory, or other warranty claims of any kind, including the implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, or suitability for a specific purpose. In addition to the aforementioned points, Sarvyog Ayurveda disclaims any promise that:-

  • The website, items, or amenities will be as described, or that they will serve or operate without interruption in a secure manner, or without discrepancies.
  • The outcomes resulting from employing the website, its goods, or its services will be efficient, precise, or trustworthy in any specific circumstance.
  • The website, products, or services will live up to your expectations in terms of quality.
  • Any textual or other errors or faults in the website, goods, or services would indeed be fixed.

Any guidance or knowledge acquired from Sarvyog Ayurveda through the website's content, or through using the offerings whether oral or written, is not intended to and cannot establish any warranty not specifically expressed in these terms of use.


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The website might also include content from third parties, such as product catalogues, product descriptions, specific requirements, distributor lists, news stories, articles, entertainment features, and advertisements in addition to product videos, images, and hyperlinks to other websites. Those are all presented only for your general information.



You are responsible for the content you submit to the website including posting or sending any messages, email messages, billboard postings, notes, illustrations, profiles, photographs, videos, audio recordings, or any other content or information (collectively, "Content"). You also grant Sarvyog Ayurveda transferable, perpetual, and worldwide rights to the content that you provide. Sarvyog Ayurveda shall have the right to use the content or any of its components for any purpose. It is not limited to commercial and advertising goals only but to any media currently available or hereafter developed, including the creation of derivative works that may contain the content you provide. As stated in these Terms of Use, you accept that Sarvyog Ayurveda may use any content you publish in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Site Rules of Conduct and that you will not be paid or otherwise compensated for such use. You should be aware that Sarvyog Ayurveda will only use your content in ways that are permitted by relevant law and the company's privacy policy.


Buyers do not need to pay to become members of the Sarvyog Ayurveda website, and there are no additional costs involved in browsing or making purchases over there. However, Sarvyog Ayurveda retains the right to modify its fee whenever they feel suitable and at any point in time. This might involve adding new services or modifying the ones that currently exist on the website. In certain circumstances, Sarvyog Ayurveda might add new service costs or modify, or introduce its current service prices. Any modifications to the Fee Policies will be disclosed on the website and take effect immediately as they are published. All fees will be displayed in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified. Payments to Sarvyog Ayurveda Internet Private Limited must be made in accordance with every pertinent law, including Indian laws, and you are solely accountable for this.


You agree to give accurate and thorough financial information, such as credit/debit card information or pre-paid payment instruments account data, to the authorized gateway of payments in order to utilize the services on the Sarvyog Ayurveda Website. You further agree that you will only use your own debit or credit card or pre-paid instrument account for any transactions on the website and you are not going to utilize any kind of credit or debit card or pre-paid payment mechanism that is not legally yours.

Unless necessary for fraud verifications, as required by law, regulation, or court order, or in line with the rules of Sarvyog Ayurveda's Privacy Policy, the information you submit will not be employed or shared with any websites or third party agencies.

You are solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of your credit/debit card details or pre-paid instrument account, and Sarvyog Ayurveda expressly disclaims all liabilities that may arise as a consequence of any unlawful use of your credit or debit card, or bank pre-paid instrument account.


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