Organic Alohya Natural Tulsi Juice-500ml

  • Flavor: Tulsi
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • Container Type: Plastic Bottle
  • Organic

    • Aqueous extract of Organic Tulsi ,De Mineralized (DM) water,Potassium Sorbet ,No added Sugar, no added colour , no added Vitamins & Minerals.

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Alohya Tulsi Juice

Ingredients: Aqueous Ext. of Organic Tulsi, De-Mineralized (DM) Water, Pottassium Sorbet. No Added Sugar, Colour, Vitamins & Minerals.


Doses: 15 – 20 ml with water before meals.

Description: Organic Alohya Tulsi has been viewed as an adaptogen –  a herb that supports a healthy response to physical and emotional stress. Tulsi juice may help to prevent changes in mood, sleep, appetite, immunity and sex drive associated with stress. Tulsi is commonly used as a home remedy for mild asthma and respiratory  infections. It has powerfull antioxidant properties that protect body from damage associated with free radicals – compounds that have been linked to serious conditions like heart disease and cancer. Tulsi Juice also help to relieve pain and inflammation.

Shake well before use.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Keep away from direct sunlight.

Due to natural product slight change in color and taste may occur and sedimentation may takes place.

Use within 1 month of opening the lid and put In refrigerator.

No Side Effects.

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