Kairali Maha Thikthaka Gritham-150gm

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Maha Thiktham Gritham is a natural ayurvedic product. It is a health tonic. With its numerous health benefits, Maha Thiktham Gritham is a must for all suffering from skin diseases. Gritham means ghee (clarified butter) in Sanskrit and this is a ghee-based product.

It is mainly aimed to treat all skin, bones and blood related diseases. It is highly effective in skin diseases like boil, rashes and pus discharge. Maha Thiktham Gritham also assists in the treatment of hyperacidity, jaundice, gout, chronic fever and bleeding piles. Preparation of any medicinal ghee requires 3 basic components- a liquid (Drava), a mixture of herbs/drugs (Kalka) and Ghee (Sneha Dravya). It is then prepared by boiling the herb paste in the ghee. This is done so as the ghee can absorb all the benefits of the herbal paste and acquire medicinal properties. This particular gritham is made from more than 30 types of herbs to achieve the final mixture.


  1. Treats skin diseases
  2. Effective in piles
  3. Effective in jaundice & fever
  4. Highly effective in chronic diseases
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  1. Good Product
    It is best for Skin problems


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