Kairali Dasamoolarishtam-450ml

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Dasamoolarishtam (Dasamoolarishta or Dashmularishta) is a beneficial Ayurvedic tonic for overall health. It gives significant results in cough, asthma, anaemia, jaundice, anorexia, loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, fistula, abdominal pain, stomatitis, rheumatic pain & inflammation. It is a very beneficial health tonic for women after delivery (post pregnancy care), relieves weakness and improves strength & immunity. It is also prescribed in the treatment of liver, skin, urinary, respiratory, cardiac & arthritic disorders.

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Dasamoolarishtam is also spelt as Dashmularishta or Dashmoolarishta which means it is a fermented herbal tonic of ten potent Ayurvedic herbs (‘Dasa’ says ten and ‘moola’ means roots) that is used to alleviate Vata and Kapha disorders. It is a natural health booster and very beneficial health tonic for people of all age groups to promote overall health and relieves weakness.

Dashmoolarishta is a blessing of Ayurveda for women that helps to restore the health & energy after delivery and prevents postpartum (post pregnancy) problems like relieving stress, depression, fever, body pain & backache, prevents uterus infection and restores uterus natural health & size. It also helps to improve the quality of breast milk and relieves lactation problems. It acts as a uterine tonic for women that provides relief from excessive bleeding, reduces pain during period, cures leucorrhea (vaginitis), maintains a healthy reproductive system and improves vigour & vitality.

Dasamoolarishtam is an excellent medicine for gastrointestinal tract & abdominal discomforts like anorexia, loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, fistula, abdominal pain, stomatitis & non-bleeding piles. It helps to restore liver function and treats anaemia & jaundice. It is useful in cases of respiratory tract infections like cough, bronchitis, asthma & COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and treats urinary disorders like urinary tract infection, frequent urination & dysuria. It is also useful in the treatment of rheumatic arthritis pain & inflammation. Dasamoolarishtam is an excellent remedy for sexual disorders like impotence, infertility and frigidity.


  • Improves the overall health of women & men
  • Best health tonic for women after pregnancy
  • Prevents uterus infection & restores uterus health & size post-pregnancy
  • Relieves stress, fever, body pain & backache after delivery
  • Improves the quality of breast milk & helps in lactation
  • Reduces in painful & excessive uterine bleeding
  • Promotes a comfortable & regular menstrual cycle
  • Relieves emaciation
  • Useful in urinary, respiratory & arthritic disorders
  • Treats anaemia, jaundice & liver diseases
  • Relieves in cough & asthma
  • Reduces rheumatic arthritis pain & inflammation
  • Treats urinary tract infection & dysuria
  • Cure Leucorrhoea (vaginitis)
  • Improves reproductive health in men & women
  • Treats abdominal pain, indigestion & constipation
  • Useful in haemorrhoids (nonbleeding piles)
  • Improves vigour, immunity & vitality.
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