Kairali Amla Powder-1000gm

Amla powder, Kairali's 100% natural powder processed from handpicked amlas. It is used for various medicinal purpose in Ayurveda for hair problems (hair-fall, hair growth etc.), skin problems, and other health related issues.

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Kairali's Amla Powder has been developed with highest grade of purity. We have taken care to ensure that during the processing stages, all the nutrients, specially the heat sensitive Vitamin C is not denatured! Purity and safety is also held at its best because the entire produce is sourced from trusted farmlands in the foothills of Himalayas. This makes our Amla Powder very beneficial and effective towards diversity of requirements relating to treatment of diseases and wellness/health as also beautification uses of it. Kairali offers bulk packs of its Amla Powder towards the trading requirements of retailers, distributors and practitioners and also wellness centers/parlors. Our Amla Powder which is certified as a wholly organic product is very popular in open market and hence carries high demand as an over the counter product. This demand complements the price benefits offered with the bulk packs of Kairali Amla Powder and hence creates broad profit margins.

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