Kairali Aarogya Tea - 100gm

100% of 100

1. Effective against cough & cold

2. Relieves stress & strain

3. Helps with digestion

4. Improves blood circulation

5. Maintains vitality

6. Caffeine free

7. No tea leaves

8. Healthy alter

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Aarogya Tea - Kairali's herbal tea is a unique blend of herbs, fruit, and spices which helps to reduce stress by providing the numerous health benefits. These spices and herbs give this ayurvedic tea a distinct flavor which makes it very aromatic. It has no additives, preservative or caffeine. This ayurvedic herbal tea is loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is a delicious and healthy alternative to regular tea. Rejuvenate your mind and body with this herbal drink. Aarogya tea by Kairali is power-packed herbal Tea. This herbal tea has so many benefits that anyone would replace their traditional beverage of choice with this healthier and lighter herbal drink. The best thing about this tea is that it not only offers medicinal benefits but it also helps you relax. It is an herbal drink, made with a perfect blend of minerals, spices, and herbs.

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  1. Good Taste and Nice Products
    It has good taste and it's quality is also good


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  2. Best Product of Kairali
    It Tastes amazing and so healthy


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