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Herbal Hills Wheat-O-Power tabs-120tabs

  • Wheatgrass powder is an Excellent metabolic support & may help in detoxification.
  • May help improve immunity, thus may help in healthy cell care & healthy sugar management.
  • Good source of micronutrients & essential elements.
  • May help purify blood & enhances blood quality & quantity.
  • May help in overall body health.
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Organic Wheatgrass powder is a rich source of various nutrients to fulfill the daily need of nutrients in your body. Wheatgrass powder contains Amino acids, amylase, ascorbic acid, calcium, carotene, chlorophyll etc. This wheatgrass tablets also contains proteins, vitamins, selenium, sodium, zinc, iron, etc. to provide health benefits. Moreover, this organic wheatgrass powder exerts medicinal properties, which may include alkaline, antiaging, antianemic etc. It also posses antiseptic, blood purifying, detoxicant, rejuvenative, immunity boosting, digestive, stimulant etc.

Herbal Hills uses organic wheatgrass powder in the production of wheatgrass tablets. Moreover, wheatgrass tablets are palatable in nature and are easy to consume. It comes in a compact bottle to help you carry it conveniently. Additionally, these wheatgrass tablets and powder contain a good amount of beneficial enzymes to make them a great choice for every age group. This natural and 100% chemical free superfood may help in supporting healthy detoxification and digestion. It also helps in improving immunity and may promote in healthy cell care, aid in weight management etc.

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