Dhootapapeshwar Sitopaladi Choorna-60gm

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Its one of the very easy-to-make Ayurvedic herbal powder mix. It is one of the best and widely used Ayurvedic medicines for cough, even for kids. Sitopaladi Churna is also known as Sitopaladi Choorna, Sitopaladi Choornam, Sitopaladi Chooran etc.
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Sitopaladi Churna: Traditionally, Sitopaladi Churna is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, cough, burning sensation in palms and feet, low digestion power, loss of sensation in tongue, pain in abdomen, flanks, anorexia, fever, bleeding from nose.

 Dose: usually given in varied dose of 1-3 grams two or three times a day, before or after food. Half a teaspoon of Sitopaladi Churna is given along with half a teaspoon of ghee and a teaspoon of honey. It is even given with anyone of honey and ghee.

 Sitopaladi Churna for kids: Sitopaladi Churna is quite safe for kids. But care should be taken. It should be always given after consultation with doctor.

 Side effetcs: It is generally devoid of any side effects. But it may worsen gastritis in a few patients, especially if given before food.This herbal powder mix is not ideal for people with diabetes.

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