Dabur Rajat (Chandi) Bhasma-2.5gm

Pitta vikar like burning sensation all over the body, lack of concentration and retention.
Being a tonic it strengthens heart, improves complexion. It relieves dertigo, delirium, insomnia
and forgetfulness.

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  • It is astringent, sweet sour in nature and taste. It is natural coolant.
  • It has scraping quality, hence useful in cardio-vascular diseases.
  • It improves skin complexion, digestion power, body strength and immunity, intelligence.
  • It is an excellent rejuvenative, anti-aging medicine.
  • It relieves burning sensation, used in treating memory loss, dizziness, excessive thirst, diabetes, Cachexia, Tissue wasting, Urinary disorders, Alcoholism, Poisoning, Fever, Uterine disorder, Epilepsy
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