AVP Asokarishtam - 450ml


Gives Pain Relief During Mensuration Cycle
Reduce Bleeding During Heavy Periods


As Directed by An Ayurvedic Physician


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AVP Asokarishtam450ml

Ashokarishta, also called Asokaristam, is a well-known Ayurvedic preparation considered as a uterine tonic in treatment of several gynecological disorders. It helps in the management of heavy menstrual bleeding and treating irregular or painful periods. It is also useful in managing bleeding piles and nose bleeds. This formulation is prepared through fermentation and has a sweet astringent taste. The main ingredient is the stem bark of the Ashoka tree.


Asoka – Potent stypic herb, Useful to stopp exccess bleeding
Musta – Useful in Treating Infections
Amrasthi – Strong astringent property, Useful to stop Bleeding
Jeeraka – Relieves Bloating, abdominal colic pain associated with painful periods

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