AVP Aragwadharishtam - 450ml

Indications of AVP Aragwadharishtam :

Skin diseases, worms, leucoderma, cough and diabetes.

Ingredients of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Aragwadharishtam :

Aragwadha, vidanga, amalaka pathya.

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AVP Aragwaharishtam 450ml
  • Aragwadharishtam from AVP helps in acute upper respiratory infection and cures allergies
  • It helps in dealing whith skin disorders and skin problems It alleviates constipation
  • Aragwadharishtam is made of time tested classic formulation, which is made with safe herbs and authentic ayurvedic products from the house of AVP which also helps in acidity and burning sensation in the abdomen
  • Usage: Two times twice a week consumption with upto 25 to 3NA ml
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