AVP Amrutharishtam - 450ml

Benefits & Uses of Amrutharishtam:

# Boosts immunity

# Relieves weakness from fever.

# Improve digestion & appetite

# Beneficial in the elevated uric acid level

# Improve liver functions

# Helps in blood formation & increase hemoglobin level

# Relieve Cronic fever, cold,weakness, aches

# Beneficial in typhoid, malaria & chikungunya

# The main ingrediant is Chittamruth.

Dose: 15 to 30ml. twice daily, after food.


As directed by an Ayurvedic Physician

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AVP Amrutharishtam450ml
  • Amrutharishtam helps in regaining strength post illness, releives high temperature, cold and body ache It mainly helps in boosting the immunity and metabolizing of your body
  • It is a herbal concoction wich is a time tested classical formaulation, made with safe herbs and authentic ayurvedic products from the house of AVP which is free from preservatives
  • AVP Amrutharishtam helps in Acidity and burning sensation in the abdomen It also helps in releiving thirst and alleviate head ache, pain on flanks
  • Amrutharishtam can be consumed by all age groups If you are prone to acidity, add an equal amount of water and arishtam, and consume it immediately after your food You can avoid taking it at night
  • Dosage: Adults can consume 2-3 tsp (15-25 ml) twice daily after food. For children, reduce the dosage to 1-2 tsp (5-15 ml) which is to be consumed twice daily after food or as directed by the physician.
  • Immunity Booster
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