Alohya Organic Amla Haldi Juice(500ml)

Independently they boost immune system, remove toxins from the body, purify blood, and are healthy food supplements.

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  • immunity booster
  • olifera
  • Organic juice
  • Aloevera with wheatgrass
  • orgaic products
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Amla Haldi Juice-500ml

Ingredients :  Gooseberry Juice,Turmeric powder and Lemon Powder.        (No added sugar,color,vitamins and minerals)
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Consumer Packing: 500ml 
Health Benefits:

  • Amla haldi Has Anti-Inflammation And Anti-Oxidant Properties.
  • Amla haldi is Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral.
  • Amla haldi Prevent And Fight Cancer.
  • Indian Goose Berry Prevents Constipation.
  • Amla haldi Helps to Fights Throat Infection.
  • Amla haldi brilliants immune-boosting properties
  • Amla is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the acid level in the stomach and fights inflammations.

    Gooseberry,Tinospora cordifolia(giloy),Ocimum(Tulsi),Ginger,Mix Juice,Lemon Powder,Shilajeet,Ashwagandha. (No added sugar,color,vitamins and minerals)




    20ml juice in 100ml water

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